Rock French Doors

French Doors, by Rockdoor, are what the industry has been waiting for – offering incomparable style and unparalleled security. For years, upvc French Doors and Patio Doors have been recognised by burglars as the weak point of a property, but no more!

Rockdoor has started its own French revolution with the introduction of French Doors to their range. They offer increased levels of security, which until now were only achievable with single leaf doors, but also combine effortless elegance and style in abundance. Having fantastic-looking, secure front and back doors is important, but don’t forget about your existing French Doors or Sliding Patio Doors. Now you don’t have to sacrifice your property’s security to bring the outdoors indoors and enjoy a great view into your garden! Home entertaining is on the increase – particularly garden parties and barbeques during the summer months – and having a Rockdoor French Door as access to your garden, decking or patio area will not only improve the overall appearance of your property, but will also enhance its safety and security.

As well as giving easy access to your outdoor space, a French Door is a popular way of allowing extra light into your home. However, with so many low security systems available it has also become increasingly popular with burglars as a point of easy access! In the wrong hands a simple garden spade can be used to open standard French Doors – that’s why security is fundamental to the new Rockdoor system.